DEAR MERCURY—Before dissing on a restaurant for being more expensive than the taco shack down the street, maybe Katie Shimer should get a clue about what Autentica is trying to accomplish ["Uppity Mex," Last Supper, Aug 9]. Sure, Autentica has its flaws; service is usually awkward at best and the place is dying for a good bartender, but the food kicks ass.

Joe King


DEAR MERCURY—When I saw last week's "NASCRAP" headline I thought I would read a truly analytical look at the sport and find out a definitive answer as to just why NASCAR sucks so very much, but instead I only saw a relentless slam on anyone who happens to enjoy it, who can apparently only be rednecks [I Love Television, Aug 9]. And what's wrong with yelling "YeeeeeeeeeeHAAA!"? Maybe that's just their equivalent of a high-pitched "WOOOOOOO!!", have you thought of that?

Dylan T. Martin


DEAR MERCURY—Regarding Damon Ray Hymer's letter ["More Whities, Less Brownies II," Letters, Aug 16]: I grew up in North Portland—four houses south of Portland Boulevard—in the 1970s and '80s. Mr. Hymer seems to be under an illusion that North Portland is becoming increasingly white, but in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood I'm not certain that such a thing is possible. North Portland has never been a "black community." The differences between now and 30 years ago are (1) property values have shot up, and (2) Portland Blvd. has been needlessly renamed "Rosa Parks Way." There surely must be a better way to commemorate Rosa Parks.

Aaron Thompson


DEAR MERCURY—What was the point and purpose of printing such blatantly RACIST letters ["More Whities, Less Brownies I & II," Letters, Aug 16]? Typically I would just say "To Hell with the Merc!" But I continue to read in much the same way I check up on Fox News on occasion... gotta know what the enemy's up too, right? I'll continue to check up on THIS publication as well, and forward my findings to the appropriate parties. You've been aptly warned.

Damos Abadon


DEAR MERCURY—After reading recent letters sent to the Mercury in reaction to your "Best Of" issue ["Best of Melting Pot Portland," Feature, July 26], I'm left with several questions. Such as, why doesn't Damon Ray Hymer say what he really means, and advocate changing Rosa Parks Way to David Duke Boulevard ["More Whities, Less Brownies II," Letters, Aug 16], or why doesn't Richard F. LaMountain come clean that his real fear is not the twilight of American culture in the wake of immigration, but that his women will be stolen by savages ["More Whities, Less Brownies," Letters, Aug 16]? Or we could go back another week when someone claimed that it is the influx of Latinos forcing schools to teach children Spanish when what they really meant to say is, "I don't believe in academic standards because learning is hard" ["Mexicans Go Home!" Letters, Aug 9]. Cloaking blatant racism like this behind the guise of concern for our communities, our children, or pseudo-social/economic theories fools no one but those doing the cloaking, and it's time to start calling spades, or bigots, as they are.

Josh Gross


DEAR MERCURY—In response to "More Whities, Less Brownies" (x2) [Letters, Aug 16]: Race only clouds the truth. My block used to house a violent drug dealer. He was black. My neighbor behind me has lived in her house since 1955. She is black. She is a lovely person. The house next to me used to be rented to a rock band comprised of young, financially comfortable men. They were self-entitled assholes. They were white. My neighbor across the street is a drummer. He is a good neighbor. He is white. My parents live in Hillsboro. The beautiful trees in the forest behind their house are being defaced with Mexican gang graffiti. The creeps doing this are assholes. My parents' street houses a family of Mexican nationals. They are good people. You don't define anyone's character by race.

C. Garcia

CONGRATULATIONS TO C. for pointing out that anyone can be an asshole, regardless of the shade of their skin. C. wins two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! where there are no assholes allowed.