DEAR MERCURY—I love NASCAR, does that make me a toothless hillbilly or an inbred half-wit? According to Wm. Steven Humphrey it does ["NASCRAP," I Love Television, Aug 9]. Mr. Humphrey has probably never even attended a local race, let alone has enough knowledge to criticize the entire fanbase of NASCAR. I challenge you, Steven: watch an entire Daytona 500, or any REAL motor-sport, and I bet you will feel like a complete asshole for writing an article as stupid and thoughtless as the pile of shit you turned into your editor.

Brad Gerow


DEAR MERCURY—The author of last week's I, Anonymous ["Anti-Social Services," Aug 23] should be given an award for her bravery in speaking out against these so-called "rehabilitation" facilities polluting our neighborhoods. I, myself, have been nearly raped by these same monsters on several occasions. However, as vile and disgusting as these beasts are, it is the people who operate these facilities who are really to blame. The people who claim to help them (who clearly are covering up for their own shameful lack of morals) are only perpetuating the problem.



DEAR "ANTI-SOCIAL SERVICES"—[I, Anonymous, Aug 23] You are a Common Era heroine. These so called "citizens" should not be allowed to leer as you purposefully cross the street to avoid passing too close to them. Perhaps you should encourage your dog to lay more shit bombs on the sidewalk so that these creeps will not only soil their hand-me-down shoes, but will track it all through the Godforsaken facilities that reportedly serve them. What ever happened to civil rights? I have the right to sit on my porch and enjoy my evening mojito without being reminded that there are those less fortunate than I.

The Lady in White


DEAR MERCURY—It's perfectly fitting that the street originally named after our city has been renamed ["A Street by Any Other Name, Feature, Aug 2]. Portland used to have a lot of blue-collar jobs. And, therefore we used to have a lot of middle and lower class citizens, a good percentage of which were black. Overall, Portland has been a city populated by people of European descent. The bigger issue has little to do with race, and everything to do with class and money. The vibrant creative class that made it cool have either become successful enough to afford it, or are being forced out (black ones and white ones). There are other cities out there with cool architecture, cheap houses, and governments poised to help citizens start independent roasteries, dress shops, and organic food sources. Let go of Portland Boulevard, and go.

Donovan Skirvin


DEAR EDITOR—I'm a great believer in letting the voting public decide issues whenever possible. Therefore, I have and will sign any petition to put any issue before the voting public. As far as any petition to refer gay rights legislation to the voters is concerned, I will sign the petitions, if presented to me ["Know Thy Anti-Gay Neighbor," News, Aug 23], but, I will vote to allow the legislation to become law. The possibility of publishing my name and address won't stop me from signing any petitions, now or in the future. And it won't change how I'll vote on any given issue.

Paul Berg


DEAR EDITOR—I just wanted to extend a huge thanks to Amy J. Ruiz and her colleagues for featuring today's article, "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!" [Feature, Aug 23]. Just last night I was interrupted making dinner by a knock at my door. It was a man getting signatures to deny gay marriage rights for the exact petition you spoke of in your article. I cannot believe people waste their time to discriminate against other human beings. I was furious, and frustrated we lived in a neighborhood where people would sign that type of thing.


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