DEAR MERCURY—I live one block from ground zero of the North Portland renaming controversy (Interstate and the-street-formerly-known-as Portland Boulevard). I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the thoughtful reporting that Amy J. Ruiz has given to this issue. The coverage of this issue by the "legitimate" press (I'm looking at you, Big O) does not even come close to the excellent work done by Ms. Ruiz.

Geoff Kent


[The following was posted on Blogtown, PDX, where there have been daily red-hot debates over the issues surrounding the proposed renaming of Interstate Avenue to César Chávez Boulevard. Jump into the fray at blogtown.portlandmercury.com]

Reasons to rename street: (1) To honor and memorialize an important historical figure. (2) A street reaches more people than a building, little plaza, park, etc. The name is on intersections, on signs, on maps, addresses, letters, business cards. (3) Streets named after historical people or events are important symbols within our political culture and the renaming of streets has often left out important people in our history because they are minorities. (4) It is an act of public commemoration historically denied to minorities.

Reasons not to rename the street: (1) Fear that the name of the street will drive down property values. (2) Fear that the name of the street will attract minority populations. (3) Fear that the name of the street will lower residents' class/position in society. (4) Fear of inconvenience. (5) Fear of change. Did I miss any?

Posted by Skinny City Girl


DEAR MERCURY—I keep hoping to find a post on Blogtown by some equal rights and soccer-loving staffer about where in this town I can catch an early morning Women's World Cup Soccer game. What's that? The Women's World Cup is going on? Crazy, I know. Comes around every four years, just like the Men's World Cup, which, incidentally, was pretty well advertised when it was on a few years ago. This time around? Nothing. I know I can pop into the local dive bar, and I will, but the women just aren't getting the same treatment, and it smacks of suckage.



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TO THE MERCURY VIA VOICEMAIL—"My name is Gary Livingston. I'm 72 years old. I was reading an article by Jason "Hammer" Smith, how he'd kick Brad Pitt's wrinkly old ass any day of the goddamn week ["Punkass Ol' Pitt," Letters, Sept 20]. Well, tell this little punk sonofabitch I'm 72 and I could kick his ass, so come on, I'm over here at [gives his address]. You've got a bunch of super silly twits writing in here. How the fuck can you even come about saying you're a journalist? It's bullshit yellow dog journalism!"

EASY THERE, GARY! We can tell just by the sound of your voice that you can totally kick the Hammer's ass! Way better than you can distinguish a letter to the editor from an article, for sure! And this week you won the letter to the editor, which means you get two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, which specializes in soup!