DEAR MERCURY—I am what you call a "law-breaking bicyclist" ["Law-Breaking Bikes," Letters, Oct 25]. Though I may not always follow the rules of the road (which are intended mainly for cars), I always follow the rules of logic and make damn sure that no danger comes to myself or those around me (i.e., pedestrians and other bicyclists). And as for your call for "bicyclist accountability" and "less vilification of drivers," sorry there, guy. Bikes don't emit carbon monoxide, cars do.

Tage Savage


DEAR MERCURY—Am I the only person who sees what is going on with the Drug Free Zones ["Cracksploitation!" News, Oct 25]? The DFZs were notoriously racist in their enforcement, which led to public outcry against them, but now that they're no longer being enforced, crackheads are all over the place. Still, the problem isn't that we need a racist ordinance, it's that we need more police in Old Town. But the police aren't doing their job because they'd rather let shit get out of control so public opinion will change enough to allow them to continue profiling.

Jeff Stumpf


DEAR MERCURY—I am deeply troubled by your assertion that Halloween is the greatest slasher film ever [Film Shorts, Oct 25]. Surely it is artistically inferior to (and heavily influenced by) two very different films, which both came out in October 1974. The overlooked Black Christmas (but not so overlooked that it wasn't remade in 2006), which features a killer run amok in a sorority house, as well as a fabulous whiskey-swilling, cigarette-sucking Margot Kidder as the sorority house mother; and the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which is inarguably the greatest film made by anyone, in any country, for any reason, ever.



HI MERCURY—Smokers are assholes ["How You Should Vote!" News, Oct 25]!? Non-smokers push us out of public and private buildings, and we adjust. Then even in open-air areas, non-smokers push us around by outlawing smoking in parks and stadiums. Now non-smokers have decided we don't belong in bars or restaurants, so voters usurp the authority of private business owners and throw us out of there. I read recently that someone in the local government wants to ban us from sidewalks around government buildings. Next, states are currently working on legislation telling smokers when they can smoke in their own cars. And if it's not enough to tell us where we can smoke, now the electorate wants to fine us for smoking to pay for their children's healthcare. I think it is fair to say that everyone wants children to receive the healthcare they need, it's just the non-smokers that are unwilling to pay for it. It's the tyranny of the majority to rob the minority. If healthcare for children were really a priority, then the electorate would vote for a tax that affected everyone equally. We should all be willing to shoulder the burden. And if this passes, what will the non-smokers want the smokers to pay for next? If this measure passes, will its advocates start buying cigarettes to show their support? Voters ought to reject Measure 50 and ask their representatives to find a way to provide healthcare that is fair to all. If this measure passes, sure smokers will be able to say that they are smoking for the children, but they will also be able to point out who the assholes really are.

Kyle Moss


DEAR MERCURY—Man, this town sure has dried up. I used to walk down Hawthorne, the Park Blocks, Saturday Market, and the waterfront and see people blazing up all over, and get offered ganja all the time. Now I never see it, and can't find it with a fistful of dollars. The head shops are still there, someone is still using their pipes, but I sure can't find any use for mine. Where is the good weed at in this town? You have enough stoner references in your rag, and there are enough on the local radio station! I know it is about harvest time, so hook a brother up!

Mr. Bla

MR. BLA, YOU MUST BE hanging out with the wrong crowd. We literally can't walk down the street without tripping over bags of weed, or go to our neighborhood bar without being offered a $20 sack. Make a new friend (with connections) with two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish!, where the pot is for soup.