DEAR [SENIOR DEPUTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY] MR. HOWES—I just read your quote in the Portland Mercury regarding a possible perjury charge against Officer Jennifer Thompson and I felt compelled to write ["Taser Eraser," News, Sept 4]. Even if "five people are giving five different versions of one event," photographs taken after [Hung] Tran was arrested show two probe injuries on his back. Officer Thompson, however, stated that she Tased him in the chest. Based on that evidence alone I think you have a good case for perjury and I am concerned that you are not pursuing it.

Bill Kownacki


MERCURY—I cannot believe that a police officer can blatantly lie and get away with it so easily ["Taser Eraser," News, Sept 4]. It seems to me that when all is said and done, it was still proven by more than one witness that the officer in question did Taser the man and then lied about it on the stand. If it were an ordinary citizen they would be faced with perjury without the benefit of a statement contradicting the officer's guilt by the presiding judge. When a person commits the offence of perjury, they should have their guilt left up to a jury or a presiding judge in court, especially if the accused is a police officer. When will the citizens of Portland see equal justice for all?

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MERCURY—Scientology is a dangerous cult ["Portland Woman Petitions Church of Scientology to Let Her Daughter Home for Vacation,", Sept 5]. Their number one mission is to extract as much money as possible from unsuspecting people. Scientology is a terrorist organization. If they want to silence you they will sue you, have you followed, harass you, etc. Do not be afraid of them. Their first defense or offense usually is that any criticism of Scientology is criticism of all religion. This is not true. Scientology stands alone in its oppression of the mind and of unique critical thought. They are a disgusting organization. Reprehensible and morally bankrupt.

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MERCURY—I was in the Sea Org ["Portland Woman Petitions Church of Scientology to Let Her Daughter Home for Vacation,", Sept 5]. To get a leave you must CSW [Complete Staff Work], or get written approval from your senior and upwards on the command channel. Don't expect any quick responses, and it can get revoked up to the point you leave. The whole process is frustrating and depressing to go through. No one will outright tell you that you can't go on vacation, but the system is set up so that many don't even bother to take time off. My daughter was promised ONE day off after completing a mission that she was on for over three months. Halfway through her day off she was called back as she had to take tests for a new posting. These tests were not that important and she could take them the next day just as easily, but this shows the uncaring and dictatorial mindset of those in the cult.

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MERCURY—Horrible ["Funk the War," Feature, Sept 4]. American citizens peacefully protesting were attacked with chemical weapons and had to go to a church for help from the police??? As in Mexico? And NOW they are legalizing preemptive arrests? As in Nazi SS?! The "Minnesota Eight" are being charged with "conspiracy to riot" and are facing seven and a half years in prison!! Seven and a half years! YEARS!!! For a constitutionally protected right in America! How many more innocent bystanders were sprayed, shot, and arrested last night??? Four hundred more were put in jail just yesterday. Four hundred! Wake UP AMERIKKKA.

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DEAR MERCURY—Andrew R Tonry's visit to the Democratic National Convention ["Inside the Monster," Feature, Sept 4] was the most hilarious, yet extremely articulate piece I have read so far. He should try his hand at stand-up comedy. With tongue in cheek, I believe there is one "caveat" for Andrew. If he gulped those seven cups of coffee, he should not have mentioned it. It may encourage youth, who look up to him, to do the same. Once habits form, they become diehard. The jury is still out*, as it was for alcohol**, on how it will fuck us up when we get yonder, near our lives' horizons. Andrew, please keep up your excellent mirth and reporting!

A. Noormohamed

* I hope I have used this phrase correctly.
** Now we know better.

DEAR A. NOORMOHAMED, please don't threaten us with the possibility that our access to coffee might someday become limited by government regulation like they did with hooch—shut your mouth! Here, we'll give you two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater and lunch at No Fish! Go Fish! if you promise never to speak of this again.