Letters to the Editor


Dear Ms Thornton, apparently sarcasm is not in your wheelhouse. Or comprehension for that matter. Furthermore, apparently you were present on the scene of the shooting and therefore privy to information the rest of us do not posses. My sarcasm was directed at those who believe they can disarm a mentally ill man armed with a blade using Aikido, hippie feel good philosophy or maybe the Force. In addition assuming the entire Mercury readership consists of "twentysomethings" is a bit of a stretch. I am 43 myself, A damn fine 43 but in the forties nonetheless. Finally sweetie, drinking and reading is a bad idea, but thanks for using my Nom de plume, monkey. Any free publicity is always welcome.
another sweet condescending e-mail from showstopper. we get it, you are smarter than everyone else. sarcasm is better used in small doses, like fancy words. you could do with less of both. he called out your "nom de plume" (ick, gimme a break) because your comment was the most annoying.
another sweet condescending comment from the showstopper. we get it, you are smarter than everyone else. he called out your "Nom de plum" (ug, gimme a break) because your comments were the most annoying. sarcasm and fancy words are both better used in small doses, i would recommend less of both, because you sound like a sarcastic person commenting from rural england.
I know who the guy sporting the mustache you are so offended by is. He's not a nazi. As pointed out, he's more of a Chaplin lover. It is refreshing to see a person so enraged by facial hair choices that they pathetically threaten to assault someone "the next time they see them". Because they were just too shocked at the sight of the mustache the first time to go beat ass...
I did look up Anarchy on the wiki and you seem way off.
"Acting without waiting for instructions or official permission... The root of anarchism is the single impulse to do it yourself: everything else follows from this."
How is going on an organized "ride along" anarchy? You are giving instructions and rules, that isn't very anarchist. A hazing ritual to show someone the ropes, isn't anarchy.
Destroying property is the opposite of anarchy. Anarchy is about protecting personal property.
Cops aren't the law, the law makers and the federal government are the law. You aren't going to change anything by throwing a rock at a cop. That is just a child having a fit.
Anarchy is the absence of law, not the absence of police. There will still be laws even if you manage to eliminate every single police officer, you aren't going to change anything....except your right to be a free citizen.
Sounds like you are just a pesky vandal and would rather hide behind a hip bandana than actually own up to doing something you feel is right? Even though Mr. Davis is right, all you are doing by throwing annoying rocks is giving the people who actually work to give social issues the recognition they deserve, a bad name.
Miss, It it is a complete mis understanding of Anarchy when you say it is about protecting private property and that the police will still exist. Most anarchists see all property as belonging to all people, that is, all property is to be shared. Some anarchist see that we must destroy the old institutions and the capitialist industys and the police that force us to work in their mills of destruciton or beat us as we "sit or lie" in the streets. We are bombarded with corporate propoghanda from the day we start breathing. Everything we do is socialized by this system and its violent images that tell us to work and buy and think of nothing else. Dont think of a different world just work and buy and get along. Some Anarchists think that if we abolish these institutions, our human nature that is to take care of one another will finally be able to manifest itself in the way in which society operate. (There are many examples of societys that lived free from the police and in an anarchist fashion such as Spain the the 1930s durring the Spanish civil war in which Anarchists had to fight Fascists and Comunists to maintain their liberties.http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5642767425050474741#) Then we can create communities free of the police where individuals are not so tainted by this violent culture that we can actually get along. Therefore private property is not respected by anarchists. A simple Wikipedia search will not give you a true understanding of the anarchist philosophy. Anarchism is a tradition that spans back 200 years and is a vary diverse philosophy. If you have any questions about anarchy check out http://anarchy101.org/ it is a great resource to ask questions and have propt answers.