Andrew and Cordelia: I was 16, my girlfriend was 17 years old. Our condom broke. Even though I had not ejaculated we rode the bus for almost 2 hours to get the morning-after pill. This was in Toronto in 1986. Why did we do this? Because we learned in school that sex is the cause of pregnancy. We knew that we were not prepared to have a child. Abortion would have been a horrible option after, what I can imagine, a horrible scarring emotional struggle.
Who says you need to be a Bible thumper to be a complete chauvinist pig who believes that he has the righteous duty to control women and their bodies? Thanks for the reminder, Andrew. Score one for empowered, entitled white men and their oh-so-troubled, burdened consciences!
who said he was white?
I think Andrew's got a good point - I only worry because I thought the actual question was whether the kid needs the parent's permission? Even if it's just 'notification,' I'm sure that would rapidly become 'over my dead body!' in many households. A 16 year old shouldn't be forced to have a baby just because their parent wants them to.

@Naga - Yeah, don't bike on Foster Road. Also, don't bike on the I-5. Plenty of sidestreets to choose from. Not sure why you needed to be told to not play with your toys on the highway.
Killing a baby is only a bad thing if you don't plan to eat it.
BokChoy -- You say this as though preventing pregnancy after the fact was the choice, when in fact you said you learned that "sex is the cause of pregnancy. Not unprotected sex. Not accidental condom breakage or other birth control failure. SEX leads to pregnancy, so the real question for everyone is this: if you aren't prepared to have a child, why are you having sex?

Lamb -- The whole point those who oppose abortions make is that the developing child is NOT your own body. Protecting a child has nothing to do with the rights of the parent. I'm so tired of the argument that men are trying to control women by protecting the innocent lives of children. Ever wonder why more men don't stick around to take care of their families? I suspect in many cases it has to do with the fact that women have told them they have nothing to do with the baby from its conception. How can women continue to say, "It's my body; it's my choice," and then expect men to be the fathers our society needs?

Here are a couple lesson for everyone based on this thread:
1) If you're not ready to have a baby, don't have sex. SEX MAY LEAD TO BABIES!
2) If you're not ready to talk about sex like an adult with an adult, don't have sex. Again, SEX MAY LEAD TO BABIES AND GROWN UP DECISIONS!
I love how you argue that you're not trying to control peoples' bodies, then follow it up by telling they may have sex. And, I'm sorry, pregnancy has everything to do with a woman's body. And, no, this has nothing to do with deadbeat fathers, which is more likely the product of a male-dominated culture that is both permissive and dismissive about the moral responsibilities of men.
I'd definitely agree that ANDREW's daughter shouldn't have to tell him if she has an abortion or even if she just has sex! The guy's obviously a potentially violent misogynist control freak...and a Sarah Palin voter in 2012(of course, that last sentence is pretty much redundant, if you think about it).
uh...spartacus...are you trying to set up the world's worst "catch and release" joke?
Note the "IF" statements, Lamb. The logical choice is that IF you do not want a baby, you don't have sex. No one's controlling anyone -- it's a choice. It's just the choice that most people ignore.
1. Just so y'all kids are aware, in Washington teens/children of all ages can access abortion services without parental consent.

2. I am one more vote for, don't ride your bike on Foster you fucking moron.
To Cordelia,
If you had no intentions of getting an abortion & the OPTION of having an abortion never even occured to you, then why would you have gone to a PP in the first place? Then you snarled at that poor counselor lady who was just trying to help your dumb ass, then have the baby out of spite? Good job! Way to take your oppressive religious up-bringing out on an innocent person. You "just didn't know", well maybe she just didn't know - which is why she asked or suggested.
FUCKING LOL @ Spartacus!!! <3<3
@Reymont - because I live on Foster road, kind citizen, and riding on it is the only practical way to get through the tangled neighborhood until I hit the bike routes on my way to work. You might not have noticed, but the plentiful side streets run at diagonals to Foster and are full of dead ends. There are lots of us who live on this road and bike it, and we'd like to have a little protection on the highway that it truly is. In fact, the mention of bike lanes got the most applause of anything at the town hall meeting. So why is it not even an option for the city?