Thanks for sticking up for me rmiddlehouse, Your next bloody mary's on me
Was the "How Do You Know...." written by Sam Adams?
Well Barry I have 20 free minutes buddy, i'll help you out! Basically I have pondered this myself over the years and have come up with the following theories
1)some how, the Mercury thinks its actually funny and or some type of parody. I have heard people say "it's the funniest thing ever" or "it's the funniest thing in the Mercury". Unfortunately, the aforementioned people were, well, mentally disabled. You know, morons.
2)An established trend in entertainment is to crack on celebrities in order for unimportant fuggly and probably pudgy losers to feel better about themselves. I never quite ascribed to this theory as even the lamest of celebrities have a better life than most of us ever will
3)It's a Communist plot! Oh, you idiots thought they went away? Ha! (I have no proof of this, just throwing it out there)
4)While Ms Romano may write like a 16 yr old, I can assure you she is not. Having seen her in person you want to tack on 25 yrs or so, if I'm any judge of horseflesh. I think the column is a charity case for a underachieving bitter spinster ( the imaginary husband bit is way too long in the tooth...I mean come ON, what self respecting man is named Kip? (Kip Winger excluded, although Ms Romano probably fantasizes shes "only 17" ......sad)
And of course the answer is 1 and 4. Well Barry, welcome to "P" and make sure you post lots and lots of things about cyclists (good or bad, who cares). I'm out
@ C,

Why don't you stop bitching? 16 is the legal age of consent in OR.
@ Showstopper, settle a bet - are you Hans, or Franz?
@ Collective Compost, Ya I am both, but I am not here to pump YOU up, because you are too much of girly man. Ve are sure zat you are punishing yourself in the shower as you picture Justin Beiber. Ya?

Nice pedo fail DamosA . Turns out you are an idiot AND a creep. Congratulations
Oh my goosh!Daposta,corrective comment and the Glowstopper!!!!What a bitch fight tonight!!!!!