Cork on Alberta has done your bargain-hunting for you, and has dozens of wines under $20.

I'm very rarely disappointed, and I'm that's why I'm very rarely able to keep myself from buying 6+ bottles every trip.
"Master Numerologist'??? hahaha
Master Bulshitter is more like it! And your BS, Jen is easily dis-proved.
25 years of scamming people ain't something to be proud of.
I buy wine in the bota box. Because I'm not fancy and my taste buds are horrible. I feel no shame.
Jen Elliott

I'm just curious if your vibrational analysis extends as far as counting the number of turds in the bowl and whether or not you read them like tea leaves or if you still just consider it a number two no matter how many there are?
Master Numerologist eh? I am going to go out on a limb and guess that 1) you don't have a real job unless that job is some BS "astrophysics cafe" 2) you have a Harry Potter outfit at home and wear it. Just a guess, much like the the fact im guessing you smoke the Hippie Lettuce
wow, letter of the week. i feel so fancy.
anyway, there is nothing wrong with drinking cheap wine. and i firmly believe that you should be able to get good wine for $20/bottle.
i only wrote that comment to explain why handcrafted wine is more expensive than beer. saying wine should cost the same as beer ($10 for a nice 6-pack) is like saying a steak dinner should cost the same as a roast beef sandwich.