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Dear Michelle- Starting to read one book on Dogs does not make you and expert in canine behavior.
I suggest that you continue your dog education by reading Temple Grandin's Books. Also read about the work by The Monks of New Skete.
You should also know that I was personally homeless, disabled and destitute from 1990-1992. Between 2001 and 2007 I gave 10% of my pre tax income to Heifer.org. In 2008,2009,and 2010, I gave my money and supplies to PEAR.org. I also raised funds and supplies from my generous friends. This year I gave to Planned Parenthood so that young girls could make smart decisions about not having unprotected sex.
I have never taken a tax deduction from these contributions because gaining any kind of monetary reward on other's misery would just be wrong.
Next time you decide to take on the responsibility and expense of an animal companion, I'd recommend that you have a job.
-Jo Haemer
Dogs have coats? A thin, short-haired coat of fur ain't like your winter coat. Pretty sure this is what she was trying to tell you. Just because you love her and your kids doesn't mean you didn't make a mistake this one time.
When did they drop the 'No Fish! Go Fish!' from the letter of the week deal?