I highly enjoyed this weeks Drinking/easy slut date issue, you provided helpful insight to some of the best wet holes in PDX. However, there is one issue - the piece regarding the dreadful Dixie Tavern. First of all, the Dixie sucks. Secondly, and this is very important...TOOL is NO WHERE NEAR OVER!! Perhaps hearing Tool in the Chixie tavern clouded your view, as their music has no place there. In fact, the overpriced Shitzie tavern has No place in Portland - its a polished cheeseballl rip off of Coyote Ugly Saloon. Unfortunately,Portland will never have a Coyote Ugly, because of it's incredibly strict (and utterly useless) Liquor laws, and hipsters that won't fall for buying top shelf liquor because some bartender showed her tits. Soo, next time you feel you need to pan TOOL...mosey down the street to Tube, and give them another listen. The atmosphere may change your view. Thanks!