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Batman is an image of the aristocratic "hero" carrying out convoluted personal vendettas against laughable villains (reassuringly removed from the moral complexities of real crime) in the name of his unilateral notions of "justice" that are unaccountable to civil society but in a fictional world can be held up as blameless in ridiculous fictional scenarios but that in our world, as popular myth, inspire the misdeeds of people like George Zimmerman.
Geyser, clearly your writing ability is wasted here. That is a thought provoking statement (and really succinct). Now have a cup of coffee and relax buddy! Batman is a fictional character, whether hero or vigilante. We have no more proof such a thing inspired an alleged vigilante such as Zimmerman or western movies and El Kabong were responsible. You are clearly well educated and intelligent but I think you are reading into this just a little too much. What fictional characters and myth do you suppose Taliban fighters are inspired by? People are ultimately responsible for their actions
Geyser, in the words of George Kennedy's character in "The Eiger Sanction" : "Go get yourself laid, it'll do you some good...."
^^you're not THAT OJ, are you? I thought what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas?
@3: I'm guessing that insult was a lot less played-out back in the '70s when some screenwriter stuck it into a mediocre Clint Eastwood action flick.

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