[Original letter writer Ed here]

I don't deny that racism exists. It definitely does. However, the US is arguable less racist than it has ever been. Look at the African-Americans who have achieved success at the higest levels of the government: President Obama, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, even Clarence Thomas.

I've studied the subject and read the literature. But if you don't believe me, please check out Bill Cosby's speech in 2004 to the NAACP or John Singleton's movie Boyz n The Hood. The lesson is culture matters.

Thanks for tackling a serious issue.

PS. What do you mean you don't like lesson #3? How about if I rephrased it to " have children only in the confines of a committed relationship"? Does that work better? :) Two adults in the household in a stable relationship almost always leads to better outcomes. Ask any sociologist or anyone that has studied the data.
Nancy, I'd take Hales approach to cleaning streets over 'occupy' leaving the streets and parks a complete mess any day.