I wonder how many free wristbands and beer tokens Ol' Ned gets for his yearly fantastic columns on the Pickathon festival? I've been a few times and yeah its pretty fun but as my good friend said the other day 'who wants to be surrounded by people willing to pay $280 per ticket ( not including camping ).. I've found tickets to Mexico cheaper than that ( more than 9 miles from Portland )..Lewdog
Slow clap for Steven Staniszewski.
"People like me also are TERRIFIED when summer hits. 5 feet 7 inches, 115 pounds, for a man? Tell me that is not MORE terrifying than being overweight and taking your shirt off!"..."Big guys (yes, even overweight ones) get the ladies, while people like me spend all their time alone. So just a heads up, I would gladly switch bodies with you anytime."

Oh cry me a fucking river. Is this a troll letter? It sounds like they're just messing with us. Anyway, if you're serious, come over to the gay community where skinny is worshiped almost as much as muscle mass. Its crazy (and kind of sad/odd).