Letters to the Editor


Yes, demondog, let's not give attention to a league that doesn't get enough attention because of the bias towards men's sports in this country, so that they can continue to get less attention, so that the bias can continue to exist. Way to perpetuate the system!
@Vautrin. My point wasn't to denigrate The Thorns, but I was responding to a comment about what is a "major" sports championship. I love the Thorns and think we should be proud of them as well. In fact, I'm a Thorns season ticket holder, as well as Timbers. The problem with NWSL is that Portland is pretty much the only team that gets substantial support in its own community. Sad but true.

Anyway, honored for the honor, and I'd like to donate my winnings to Vautrin.
A combined cash value of siiiix dollarrrrs!
@demondog - Thanks and apologies, but I can't reap earnings on the back of misdirected snark.