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You have the first one backwards. Fluoridation is the pet project of the pro-fluoride lobby which was zealously adopted by "Railroad" Randy Leonard and the rest of our bribe-accepting, tax-and-spend City Commissioners. The 5 to 7 million dollar initial cost would likely present some very lucrative contracts to Randy's cronies, never mind our skyrocketing water bills. Here's an easy prediction: Randy Leonard's totalitarian vision of the entire city caving to his every whim will not come to pass.
I'm on board with number one.
You're a little confused about our "pet projects." The 99% just want an outhouse named after Randy Leonard instead of a firehouse (tho he IS leaving us a lot of fires to put out). Still, I DO like the sound of those new bridge names. Maintain
Too bad the protestors aren't the ones getting paid!!! I'm pretty sure fluoride lines Mark Weiner's pockets like gold as he leads the pro-fluoride charge with the help of the folks he put on City Council! And since our city council IS about 90% weiner babies, maybe keep the show here but rename it Porklandia? All B.S. dawg, lightly drizzled with fluroide and flavored with the subversion of democracy. yummy!
"Make sarcastic humor and clump serious issues in with extreme agenda's and you might as well be a PR firm for advertising companies...oh yeah, I forgot, you are.
A little known secret...the Fluoride issue is not a little "municipal pet project". It is not even about fluoride. This is about forced medication. That means you too. No choice. How un-American. "
Who cares if it's a conspiracy or not, geniuses?

The proposal is to take our pure mountain water and add industrial waste crap to it. Who cares if it kills horses, kills salmon, and is a poison for kidney and thyroid patients and young children? Who cares if the US counties that have been fluoridated the longest, also have the worst dental health? Who cares if it adds lead and arsenic to our kids' water?

Mercury humorists don't have names; they also don't have children, parents, or friends with health problems. They stand above the world and laugh hysterically when someone is in danger or in pain. Nice people, in other words. Little Nazi punks.