I hate you Jenny Edwards! I hate you, hate you, HATE YOU! Why did you even come to my party? You weren't invited. I only invited members of my playgroup, Mrs. Bain's class, and my friends from the leukemia ward. You know I only have one or two birthdays left. Why did you ruin it? Are you jealous? Are you jealous that I am a princess, and you're not? I am a beauuuuutiful princess, with a pretty pink horsey, who lives in a beauuuuutiful castle on the tallest mountain in the world, and you are a fatty poophead butthole! An ugly, stupid, dumbhead poophead that ruins EVERYTHING! You... you... butthole!

I can't stop crying. Are you happy? Are you happy that I'm spending one of my last days alive crying at a ruined party? My mommy says you're the devil. And mommy says your mommy is a whore who kissed the devil's wee-wee and a devil baby came out of the whore's tummy, which is YOU. Only the devil would do what you did, Jenny Edwards. And next year when I'm in heaven, I'm going to tell Jesus to give you bad dreams every night, and to tell your teacher to give you bad grades, and push your face in pee-pee, and to make... make... make your ice cream taste like butthole, and to make the angels go dookie on you, and to ruin every party you ever have for the rest of your life, because I hate you, Jenny Edwards! I hate you, Hate You, HATE YOU!!