As a native Detroiter and now longtime Portlander, I'm thrilled that my former and current hometowns are fighting over which is more unhappy. The trouble is that being "thrilled" about anything is so contrary to my usual state of mind that I can't handle it. I'm confused. Ah, that feels better. Pass the Zoloft, will ya?
Excuse the Disney reference but you may be onto something with the Portland/Detriot difficulties. Demi Lovata, an up and coming (she's no Miley!) Disney star, did a national tour in which she had to CANCEL her Portland and Detroit dates! Maybe that's what she gets for trying to fill the Rose Garden instead of a smaller venu, but her stage setup probably required an arena.

Miley also talks about being forced to sit alone at lunch because school officials, after conflicts, mandated seating to be fixed following a certain day. On that day, Miley was snubbed, school rules setting that snub in stone. People might not believe that's too bad, but think about it. Forcing a Drama Major to sit alone each day at lunch is, emotionally, the equivalent of Waterboarding!!! Ask drama majors.