Wow, so now when a Down's Syndrome actress Uncle Tom's her way into your cold little hearts, you praise Family Guy for helping to perpetuate Nazi-like feelings toward people with developmental disabilities? Gee whiz, did you know some Jews served as kapos in the Warsaw Ghetto, too, you ahistorical ignoramus? Shock of shock, there were slaves who sucked up to Massa on the plantation! And gays who, gasp, have beaten up gays so they could fit in with prejudiced hetero jerks! Is there no depth people will sink to because they hate a failed vice presidential candidate who has zero chance of becoming president? Are progressives now identifying with people who make fun of Down's syndrome? That's your winning ticket? I can't believe in 2010 anyone is still laughing at this shit! Not to mention you have only made Palin a heroine to yet another group of folks her party will abandon once they reclaim power. For two years now, she'll be able to say progressives think it's cool to make fun of people with developmental disabilities. Keep up the good work!
Have you ever watched Family Guy before? The writers are by no means discriminatory when they choose segments of people to make fun of. If you are going to attack the show, at least watch it before you start comparing one woman with down syndrome to Polish Jews that helped the Nazis. The show wasn't making fun of people with developmental disabilities, it was making fun of Sarah Palin.
mr. freedom,

if palin uses a handicapped child as a prop for votes and sympathy, which she did, she and her baby deserve to be made fun of. if you are worried about what sarah might say in the future, don't sweat it, she can be 100% counted on to say stupid wacked out stuff about democrats and progressives no matter what. i think it is fantastic that a person with the same handicap as her child was able to call her out on the offensive way she uses her child.
I have watched Family Guy, so what's your point? That I have a conscience and you don't? That I can see a disturbing trend manifesting, just as it did in Weimar Germarny, and you're being willingly led down the path to Auschwitz all the time bleating your approval of those who would destroy our common humanity?
The show's creators are dissembling. They did a creepy, sick thing. Why is it so hard for progressives to admit this? If it were anyone other than Sarah Palin involved in this controversy, this wouldn't even be an issue. But you're so blinded by your hatred of her you can't even see how evil this is and how utterly indefensible Family Guy's creators are in this whole matter. When you replace common human decency with conscience-free partisanship, this is what you get.
Mr. Freedom, you are a silly person. You may be taken as a serious, intelligent adult participant in any discussion in this sphere once more when you reach a level of cognitive maturity to do so. Until then, please be advised that you are to be ignored by any rational thinkers from this point on. Good luck to you, sir.

Ah yes, the "rational" argument, an ad hominem retort employed by people who actually have nothing to say. I now understand -- making fun of people with developmental disabilities is "rational" and "mature." Right-thinking people at one time also thought abolitionists were extremists, suffragists were cranks, civil rights activists were uppity and queer activists were to be silenced. You may feel it's okay to attack the vulnerable so you can make a pathetic point against a politician, but those of us who work with people with DD and count them among our friends and family members won't take your evil crap lying down anymore.