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...Alrighty then...

A brief suggestion from a frequent reader with a similar distaste for the untalented, bone stupid, useless twits and twats who seem to be assimilating and/or infesting the Internet, most media and way too many peoples' consciousness while making shitloads of money at it. While Kim Kardashian is a flashing neon example of all of the above, might I recommend that we all just ignore KK (or KaKa if you prefer), ignore the products she shills for, asinine reality shows and so on? Unlike the herpes sore you referred to, it may just eventually go away. I hope.

Thanks and Happy New Year.

St. Elmo's Ire
This is one of the funniest columns/writing anywhere offered in 2011. I had reached a point where none but British writers/performers had me rolling on the floor with laughter until now; Ann Romano's straight-faced impassioned commentary about a person of no interest, other than appearing in various media of no interest* is hilarious.
Sincerely, VeganSyd
*Wait--Huffington Post?