The Mummy
The mummy isn't scary
It's simply scared of you
Even though it's slimy
It's awful cuddly too.
You'd find the tomb
A mummy's placed in.
Over in Egypt where
Mummies have linen.
-Jelena, age 9

Goalie has the hardest
Griffin is the best

roses are red
bridles are blue
I like horses
and you can too
Horses are fast
horses are fun
you can ride horses
after sun
-Maggie, age 7

My Cat is Very Fat
my cat is very fat
and it loves to chase rats
but there is one little
problem with mice in the house
and there's one mouse that likes
to chase Bat and when someone
chases Bat he goes wild he knocks
down the tv
and than he goes wee wee
and says ta ta chee chee.
-Cameron, age 8

A Haiku
air smells like flours
your hair and feet smells
like me
your dog smells like air
-William, age 6

You'll Find It Later

I've hidden a treasure in Timbuktu
It's a treasure I've hidden just for you
Just get on the plane, It's on the dot
Hurry! Hurry! The "x" marks the spot
Twenty paces from Bao
Turn left at Niger
Wait stop,
I can see it from here
It could be underground
Or hidden in brush
But be careful, If you open it wrong
It will turn you to mush
Hooray! You've found it
But I'll give you a scare
If you don't like the treasure
I'll cut off your hair
It's only a penny, a penny you say
Yes but also a French beret
So, if you go to a restaurant that's very Francè
Tip the waiter--hip hip--Hooray
-Robyn, age 10


Fall is here at last
it's fun for us to play in
Decomposing leaves
-Brandon, age 9

An Idea

I need an idea
an idea
an idea
I need an idea right now
It could be about a sow
Maybe a bow of a boat
but why,
oh why
Must I write about a bow of a boat
A cow might be good,
but I never
really could
Make a phrase that rhymes with cow,
Wow! I just made a poem just now!
-Ingrid, age 10

My Dad Put His Nose In Cherries

My dad put his nose in cherries
He sat in a green chair
He stuck his hands in rubberbands
His hands floated in mid air
His head came off his shoulders
His arms shot into the wall
He walked upon the ceiling
To see if he could fall
I took him to the doctor
He said he was ok
He said not to take medicine,
My dad took some anyway
-Evan, age 9


Autumn is my favorite season,
The leaves fall from the trees,
The winds can come in great big gusts,
Or just a little breeze.
Autumn is a cool season,
It isn't very hot,
Somdays the sun is shining.
Somdays it is not.
Autumn passes,
Winter comes,
The ground gets covered in snow,
And every year I waste away,
For Autumn to come and go.
-Andrew, age 9

My Dog is Big
my dog is big
but not
it is very tall
but he likes
to run into a wall
-Adam, age 7


the sun is yellow
the sky is blue
heart are red
the earth is green
rainbow are pretty
mammals are cuet
pigs are pink
and you are too
-Amelia, age 6