You sit with your "poor me" sign across from 24 Hour Fitness day in and day out. At first I felt sorry for you because you're my age and female. Too bad you're using the bullshit story of being beat up by protesters... I know, cuz I was there, and all the protests have been PEACEFUL! You don't need help. You don't need anything but A FUCKING AWARD for wasting my time and taking people's cash. You sit with your head down like you are sad--too bad that's just part of the act. And this is how I know it's an act: you're reading the NUMBER ONE SELLING BOOK IN THE WORLD: THE NEW HARRY POTTER!!! I saw it when you got up to take someone's money. I was on a waiting list for that book and the only place it was available was COSTCO! But shit, you're probably paying for your EXECUTIVE Costco Membership with all your HARD EARNED MONEY. Here's some advice: learn some tricks from your good buddy Harry Potter and DISAPPEAR.