Take off that ridiculous straw hat and unearth your mouldering thinking cap; Bush is coming (once again) to our fair city. A march of righteous indignation will begin at 10 am Thursday morning, August 21st, at Columbia Park (on Lombard Street in North Portland), and proceed to University of Portland to protest Bush's swanky fundraiser that night. For more info contact stopbushaug21@poetic.com or portlandsaysnotobush@ziplip.com.

If you're interested in protesting Bush's policies and leaving your stinky car at home, join the Critical Mass of protesters leaving from City Bikes (SE 20th and Ankeny) on that same morning. For directions, routes and general exhortation, contact

talisman@riseup.net .

Secret Service agents are rumored to be building a fence surrounding U of P for Bush's private dinner, so after a few tries at infiltration you might cool your heels at Pacific Switchboard (7:30 pm, 4637 N Albina) for "Outloud: Open Mic Poetry Against the Bush Wars." The reading features a bevy of local writers including Anais la Rue, Stephen Spyrit, and Heidi X., and is punctuated by music from Sean Crogan, Brian Jones and Larry Yes. Pacific Switchboard has been hosting weekly anti-war readings since April, and can be seen at various Bush demonstrations.

If you haven't been blown up by terrorists or injuriously pepper-sprayed by Wednesday, August 27th, consider surfacing for a reading by populist progressive commentator and humorist Jim Hightower at Powell's City of Books. Sponsored by KBOO, Hightower reads from Thieves in High Places, a dissection of Bush & Company's "insatiable corporate-politico power grab" at 7:30 p.m.

Now you've earned your vacation. ERIN ERGENBRIGHT