"I prefer to work in the nude. If I can get away with it. As long as the situation is comfortable, I prefer it."

Randy does everything: remodeling, home repair, yard work, house cleaning--and all in the buff. You may think working around "heavy tools" in the nude could present a problem. Randy admits there are some drawbacks, but he's pretty easy going about his job.

"Yeah, the yard work can be difficult with neighbors looking over the fence all the time. But Portland has pretty lax laws about that kind of thing. As long as it's private property and all that."

"I'm good at what I do," he says. "I have to be good, and people want me to be good at what I do. The curiosity factor is what gets people to have me clean their house, but if I don't do a good job, then I might lose a client.

"Most clients are pretty easy going. They are comfortable with me and that makes me comfortable. The nudity is like an added bonus. It goes with the overall package or whatever."

What's the worst part of the job? Randy's answer isn't exactly unexpected.

"On occasion I get an 'off-color' client who wants an 'extra service' I don't want to provide. Most people are cool, though. I've never had any major headaches about it."

So how does one go about finding a nude house cleaner? There isn't exactly a listing in the yellow pages.

"I ran an ad in the Willamette Week, but they are so conservative, the wording had to be really vague. Now I run an ad in Just Out, and I'm happy with my exposure."

No pun intended?


Need a nude house cleaner? Randy can be contacted at 515-2000. MANU BERELLI