Savage Love

It Gets Better


Wow, amazing idea. I hope there are ways to help young LGBT people find it when they are looking for support online. Like if they google "I think I might be gay" -- will they find your YouTube channel? Some certified smart person(s) could help publicize the site in the right places. I'll think about what I might be able to do.
Thanks for the great idea, Dan! I got out of a repressed, southern baptist community in the middle of nowhere, and I feel lucky every day. I tell my friends that even my worst days now are better than my best days back then. It honestly makes my heart ache for queer youth that don't have any hope to hold on to.
R.I.P. Billy Lucas

You know most idiots constantly panic over falling victim to so-called "Islamic extremists". But almost noone, save for a tiny handful of truely enlightened folks, gives even a first thought the the sort of CHRISTIAN TERRORISM that's taken place in this country since the 1400's & contines un-abaited to this day. In addition to Gays, many other people have had to endure the ruthlessness of christian thugs through-out history. I can tell you, as someone who is vehemently anti-religious & have always been so, I've have to endure & put up with & deal with cowardly christian thugs as a kid & through-out my adolesence/adulthood.

And the fact that Billy Lucas was left to fend for himself with no ADULTS to step in & look out or advocate for him goes staight to the heart of how cowardly & hypocritical christians are.