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Let's Talk About Sex


NON- it is perfectly fine to have a kink or fetish as long as you are still normally aroused without it, and manage your kinks as an added bonus to your sex drive and sex life. I also have had a life long fetish for tights and pantyhose (on woman, not me wearing them). It is hardwired into my sex drive for whatever reason. But i have managed it as a valuable and pleasurable asset to my sex drive and sex life going all the way back to high school. I am not attracted to a woman just because she is wearing tights or pantyhose... I become attracted to a woman for other various reasons. If she happens to be wearing such attire, it will only increase my arrousal and the pleasurable experience for both parties. I was once ashamed and embarrased of having a fetish... but early on in my sex life I learned to be open about it with my partners by informing them how turned on I get. They have most always been eager to accomidate, and get turned on by turning me on. I consider myself to have an open mind, and have always ended up with other open minded people. If you find yourself with a woman who is closed minded and wants to label your fetish as dirty or stupid, chances are she will suck in bed regardless. There are a lot of kinks out there that can be far more complicated, or even illegal... so take what you've been dealt and have fun!