What Job is Right for Me?

The unemployment rate is at 5.4 percent. Recent reports indicate that 415,000 jobs were lost in October alone. You're twenty-something. Unemployed. Over-educated. Self-entitled. And without prospects. Don't lose heart! There are plenty of jobs out there that are PERFECT for you! What are they? We've narrowed the field to the following: Smart Park attendant, independent video store clerk, Kinko's assistant manager, and Nordstrom Clinique counter maven. Which job is right for you? Take this simple multiple-choice quiz and find out! Good luck!

I have been described as:

a. Remarkably sedentary
b. the guy who hates Robin Williams
c. Bitter about my wasted PhD
d. Tasteful yet insistent

I am most comfortable in:

a. Tan
b. I'm never comfortable
c. khaki pants
d. A stylish lab coat

My last job was as:

a. a Nuclear power plant supervisor
b. an independent music store clerk
c. an intellectual properties lawyer
d. a personal assistant to Tammy Faye Baker

When someone says "Hello" to me, my first impulse is to say:

a. That will be $1.90.
b. That better be rewound.
c. That will take eight days.
d. I love your lipstick!

Give yourself one point for every A answer, two points for every B, three for every C, and four for every D. Then add up all your points. 1-6 pts = Smart Park attendant; 7-11 = independent video store clerk; 12-14 = Kinko's assistant manager; 15-16 = Nordstrom Clinique counter maven. Then cut this quiz out and staple it to your resume. If that doesn't work, try cleaning your fingernails.