Find your Celebrity Best Friend!

We all wish that we had a celebrity best friend. But do you want to waste your time writing letters to someone who wouldn't fit your lifestyle? It's important to seek a celebrity best friend who will stick with you through thick and thin. Want to know who's right for you? Take this easy multiple-choice quiz and find out! Good luck!

If the police searched me, they might find:
A. Lip gloss
B. A doobie
C. Viagra
D. Demerol

When I see something I like, I:
A. Make them give it to me
B. Think of a word that rhymes with it
C. Marry it
D. Steal it

I am super interested in:
A. Pop music
B. Gangsta rap
D. The Los Angeles court system

If I were going to hang out with my best friend, we would probably:
A. Dirty dance
B. Chill at Dre's
C. Talk on the phone
D. Do community service

The quality I find most important in a best friend is:
A. Perky good looks
B. A mad crib
C. Bad eyesight
D. A criminal mind

Give yourself 1 point for every A, 2 points for every B, 3 points for every C, and 4 points for every D. Now total your points. You ideal celebrity best friends are as follows: 5-8 = Britney Spears; 8-14 = Snoop Dogg; 15-18 = Larry King; 19-20 = Winona Ryder. Simply cut out this quiz and mail it to the celebrity indicated. He or she should call within five business days. (Larry King may take longer.) Remember, celebrity best friends are very sensitive and may require more attention/money/time/presents/testifying than the non-celebrity kind.