Having a Bad Day at Work?

Everyone in the world has a bad day at work sometimes. But do they really? Maybe they just think they're having a bad day, when in fact their day could be better described as "average." Maybe all those people having "average" days, who think they are having "bad" days, are really just distracting attention from those really having bad days who wonder why no one cares. Is your workday "bad" or merely "average-bad"? Take this easy true/false quiz and find out! Good luck!

T F I typed my password in wrong, and now I've been locked out by my administrator.

T F Someone erased my dry-erase board.

T F My stapler is missing.

T F One of my enemies switched the decaf and regular coffee, and I had a cup of decaf without knowing it.

T F The receptionist stole my favorite Wolverine coffee mug.

T F My favorite orange highlighter dried up over night.

T F I forgot my glasses at home.

T F My eyes hurt.

T F I forgot to put on deodorant.

T F My task-chair-with-arms got replaced with a task-chair-without-arms.

T F I think the people in my cube pod are mad at me.

T F Accounting lost my expense reimbursement check.

T F All the chocolate is gone from the candy bowl.

T F My business cards came today and they misspelled my name.

T F An MP3 I downloaded brought down the company server.

T F They know it was me.

T F I would say that my work area is "sub-clean."

T F Sometimes I think about what it would be like to plunge an x-acto knife into a co-worker's throat.

T F I was fired.

Did you answer "true" to ten or more of the above? Chances are you're having a bad day at work. People who are having a bad day at work get along well with people who are clinically depressed and people who work in factories. They do not get along well with people who think they are having a bad day, but are in fact having an average day. People who have more than six bad days at work per month should consider finding other employment.