le train bleu

On the ever-developing strip of East Burnside, still more changes are afoot. Burnside Proper, the salon/retail space/workshop at 626 has a new lineup taking charge of this multi-purpose destination. Gone is the woodworking of JJ Wyatt, and the Birds of Prey apparel and hats crafted by Jayme Hansen (whose handiwork you can still see showcased in the costumes of her group Fleshtone, however). Luckily, hair stylists to the stars Galen Amussen and Joe V (V is for Vitkauskas, if you must) remain, as well as Luke Euser, joined by Sandy Combes and Gwenn Frederick (Gwenn also does eyelash extensions [$45/hour] and facial waxing). The new design team is made up of Tatiana Sakurai, with her line of jewelry (think rock 'n' roll plumage), Hubris & Saphrosyne; Patrick Powell, with his line of leather goods like bags, belts, and accessories; and—excitingly—Donovan Skirvin, who makes custom shoes with a sturdy, old-timey feel. As a shoe designer in Portland, this makes Skirvin a very rare bird indeed. The new B. Proper crew plans to have an increased retail emphasis, and (gasp!) regular, seven-days-a-week hours, all commemorated with a kickoff party on the first Friday in April (followed by regular first Friday shindigs thereafter). In the meantime, make an appointment and get a pre-peek.

Another brewing development is that locally based online boutique Le Train Bleu (letrainbleu.com) will be adding offline showroom hours as well—good news to those who hesitate to drop their dough on a Nicholas K velvet blazer they've never seen in real life. The showroom, located at 1822 NW Overton, will be open from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays starting March 25, so get an edge on the online competition from shoppers "elsewhere."

And for those of you who refuse to leave your fashion conscience at the gym door, you'll be happy to know that Physical Element (1124 NW Lovejoy) will begin carrying the Stella McCartney for Adidas fall line in early August—the only independent retailer in the Northwest to have been approved. With a touch of '80s influence in the silhouettes, the store's Jo Carter says the pieces are "female friendly" (in other words, they won't make you look fat).

Look sharp, eagle eyes: The new Oregon Ballet Theater ad campaign features designs by PDX tailoring impresario Adam Arnold! Hold tight for the debut of his fall line on March 31 at Design within Reach (1200 NW Everett).

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