Not to sound like a broken record, but... there's a new store on East Burnside! And while the area's boutiques are popping up so quickly it's hard to keep track of them, there is certainly no lack of variety among them. Upholding this standard is Redux, which was opened last week by Tamara Goldsmith. Occupying the corner space of the 811 building in the former storage closet that is Suite 110, it joins neighbors Renowned Gallery, Denwave, Moshi Moshi, and Yes, rounding out the neighborhood with a unique but complementary vibe. Formerly of Hawthorne's now-defunct Tantalus, Goldsmith has been both crafting and selling jewelry for years, as well as promoting the work of other local artists. Her line, also called Redux, consists of everything from an ultra-feminine pink and lace-adorned necklace (which would contrast brilliantly with a simple, tougher top) to a pair of earrings fashioned from tiny spark plugs and augmented with dark purple, julienne suede strips. The prevailing theme of her work and store is a reworking of material that has already lived one life, a recycling motif that we've certainly seen before. Goldsmith's work manages to uphold that ethic without looking tattered or overly arts 'n' crafty, but instead can be at turns sleek, chicly funky, and delicate. In addition to selling her own jewelry, Goldsmith is eager to help expose the public to other artists, many of whom are working a similar design philosophy of reinvention. Brody Boeger's large standing lamps, for instance, line one wall, giving the petite shop an amber glow. Refashioned from lights salvaged from thrift stores and the Bins, the sturdy frames and warmly tinted glass globes have a slightly off-kilter, asymmetrical shape, an attractive balance between classic and quirky. Another presence in the store is the sculpture of Coby, who uses recycled metals to make objects that look like a cross between insects and primitive vehicles, sometimes serving practical purposes as, say, a table. Other artists and jewelers in the process of rounding out the selection are Cleo Wolfus (cuffs and jewelry), Theo Fanning (one of the first people to use old typewriter and clock parts to make jewelry), Steel Toe Studios (belts and buckles), and Jason Radies (metalwork sculpture). If you're a local artist whose work may fit into Redux's environment, Goldsmith has put out a call for possible consignments. Go introduce yourself (the store is open from Wednesday through Sunday), or stop by for the revelry that takes over the strip every first Friday.

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