The spring season continues to get more delicious, with warm days becoming de rigueur and runway shows every week. The one you won't want to miss is "Modern Love, Going Steady," featuring the latest from Jess Beebe's Linea line, as well as the debut of a new face on the Portland design scene, Sarah Weick. Known for her romantic touch, Beebe's new line was in part inspired by the frequent rotation of the Buzzcocks' Singles Going Steady on her stereo. Not so much in the "Orgasm Addict" vein, but more of a general meditation on songs written about love. The record's era bled into the technical design of the clothing as well, fostering a '80s-tinged fascination with geometry. But being that this is Linea, it won't look anything like stage costumes for the Go-Go's. Think more along the lines of eyelet lace that's cut out in a geometric design rather than floral, dresses with inset bands, polka dots, and stripes.

Weick's work may prove similar to Beebe's, for the simple reason that she has been apprenticing under the creator of Linea for about a year. But beyond the shared sensibilities of these artists, Weick distinguishes her collection by looking to matadors, sailors, and swordfighters as her muses. A Spanish feel comes through in the color palette (deep yellow, orange, black, cream, and pale blue) and high waistlines. (Fri May 19, 7 pm, Una, 2802 SE Ankeny)

In sneaker news, Adidas has re-launched its Adicolor line, which back in '83 allowed purchasers to decorate their own all-white sneakers with special pens that were included with the shoes. In its new incarnation, Adidas has teamed with creative icons from all over to create limited-edition design collaborations, including one with another Portland-based company—Dark Horse Comics. DH President Mike Richardson and the DH design team designed a sneaker and track jacket, both in the company's signature black and red. The reversible jacket boasts a collage of DH characters on one side and "dark horse" written in kanji on the other, while the sneaks feature the kanji and Dark Horse logo. The line launches on Saturday when Richardson will be available to autograph the merchandise as well as comics and books, plus DJ Copy, and free beer. (Sat May 20, 3 pm, Adidas Heritage Store, 1039 NW Couch)

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