The fashion rampage continues this week with two more shows: The first is Stitch: A Statement of Their Own, an event brought together by three fledgling enterprises: Sedition Magazine, Garment Boutique, and Rake Art Gallery. A new publication covering the local arts, Sedition's fashion focus is on the individuality of Portlanders' style, and their refusal to simply follow the trends that are drolly doled out from NY and LA.

The show's producer, Akiva Resnikoff, who also has his own line of jewelry (look for his work in a forthcoming issue of Oregon Bride) teamed up with another new business in town: Garment Boutique (4136 SE Hawthorne), which features regional designers. A showcase of their merchandise kicks off Stitch, followed by a break to announce winners of a raffle.

The third portion of the show features lines from J. Calderon (who specializes in men's denim), DarBeka (long known for unique skirts and other women's apparel), and Stephan Alexander (art director of Sedition and the man behind their fashion coverage, he recycles t-shirts into skirts and other women's streetwear).

The show takes place at the recently opened Rake Art Gallery, run by Jeremy Tucker, who is also donating art for the raffle. Current artists on display include Kelli Pennington's photography and installations by Incident Designs. (w/DJ AMPex, Fri June 16, 9 pm, Rake Art Gallery, 325 NW 6th, $10, 18+)

Meanwhile, the Art Institute is preparing to launch a fresh crop of apparel design students into the world, and you can check out the results at Rhythm + Form, a fashion show and dance event in collaboration with the Jefferson Dancers. Although the event will feature designs from undergraduate students as well, the senior designers are the highlight, and we can look forward to an eclectic show, from Alice Clemans' Plumage line, who also does drag queen costume design, to Amy Shelton's STENO, inspired by feminine looks from the '40s and '50s. Notably, J. Calderon makes yet another appearance, fresh from his showing at Stitch. (Rhythm + Form, Sun June 18, 7 pm, Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside, $20-25, all ages)

Stitch and bitch: