It's not too late to get your hands on the best in spring design, even if the magazines insist you start thinking about the heavy knits of fall. So put down that glossy, and go outside to the here and now, where the required fashion is sexy, sparse, and all about fun.

And while you're out, take a walk to this month's First Thursday design hotspot: the atelier of Magalí Corzo.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Corzo began designing clothing for fun at a very young age. Her parents had an upscale children's clothing company, Coco, and between their influence and that of her grandmother, a tailor, she was able to establish a solid base of design experience during her formative years.

Corzo went on to attend a Buenos Aires high school for the arts, where students' extended schedule of classes included bookbinding, woodworking,
metalwork, drawing, sculpture, composition, and more. Upon graduation, she enrolled at the University of Buenos Aires to study apparel design, where she learned even more about couture and cut.

Corzo moved to Portland at the age of 24, after meeting her American husband when he visited Argentina as a tourist, and has been steadily gathering attention for her designs in women's apparel. While Corzo is open-minded about the women who wear her clothing, it works best on those who feel good about themselves, possessed of a certain freedom, and those who can appreciate a fabric that feels extraordinary against the skin.

Her spring/summer '06 line was inspired by moving into a new studio space a year ago—a time she calls the "year of love." This translated into a line that favors silk and raw edged trims of chiffon. There are about 30 samples of this graceful collection, many of them dresses, which is all the excuse one needs to have a sample sale, making room in her studio for the fall and spring '07 lines. (Sneak preview: Fall will see more industrial influences, clean lines, and dark colors such as black, gray, and green, and just a dabble of '80s influence. Spring will see very light colors and prints, with lots of sheer, layered fabrics.)

Samples are not known for being egalitarian, and the discounted sample pieces are for women in the size 2 to 5 range only, although accessories will also be available at the 50 percent off bargain rate. My advice: Go early! (Magalí Corzo, 1720 NW Lovejoy, Suite 106, Thurs July 6, 3 pm)

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