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The crowd was thick at last Friday's finale of Portland Fashion Week, a night that included everything from stripper superhero gear (Urban Metallics) to darling pieces you'd wear to meet your boyfriend's granny (Leanimal, Magalí Corzo, Eden Dawn Apparel). Much of what was shown is familiar to those who've attended past events thrown in association with PFW Productions' Tod Foulk, who along with partners Chris Cone and Tito Chowdhury produced the series (although Foulk stresses that it was Cone who deserves credit for the heavy lifting), but with a much needed smattering of new names and faces. In parting, as the gentlemen of PFW Productions, glowing, made their thanks, it was announced that Mayor Tom Potter had been so impressed with the brouhaha that plans are now under way for there to be such an event for "every season." (Although KOIN 6's Jennifer Hogan, on emcee duty, held out four fingers, I'm guessing two events per year is more like it.) That's interesting news indeed. While the production of Fashion Week was clean and professional, most of the faces in the crowd were unfamiliar. Those who truly have an interest in Portland apparel design aren't going to get a realistic canvas of what our city has to offer by limiting themselves to only this most highly publicized fashion event. One designer you would miss is Adam Arnold, someone I consider essential to any purported showcase of Portland design talent, and someone who says he would not consider being a part of Portland Fashion Week in the near future. "It's like a perpetuation of the kind of presentation that exists in other industry cities," he says of the slick event. "It seems like they're trying to take LA and put it in Portland. It looks beautiful and professional, but it doesn't make sense here."Oh my, Portland can be so gloriously stubbornly Portland. Well, one excellent find at Portland Fashion Week is the woman pictured above. She's the first entry into what I hope will be an ongoing series of "on the street" fashion photos in Portland, a direct rip-off of everything from FRUiTS to, done Portland style. Trouble is, I can't be bothered to carry a camera at all times, so I'm asking you to help me document the most stylish moments in town—no names, label information, "dos and don'ts," or trend opinions necessary, just stylish people looking good. Send your photos and I'll post them up on our high-traffic "Blog Town, PDX" ( for all to appreciate. Send pretty pictures: