Not everyone from California is evil! For the love of Jeebus: I moved away from California because I hated it there and did not fit into the "funboy," conservative, status-mongering mentality of The O.C.—NOT because I wanted to try and convert Portland into a douchebag-only town. I know there are some people out there who give California a bad rap (okay, more than a few), but to discriminate against someone solely based on where they are from is wrong, and in my opinion petty, naïve, and downright ignorant. How the fuck did your family get here? Has your entire family lived in Oregon since the dawn of human existence? Unless you are a Native American from an indigenous Oregon tribe, then the answer is NO—making you and your family transplants at some time or another. And why did your family relocate here? Probably in search of a better life (wow, just like me!). If you're going to hate on someone, at least have a better reason than only disliking the place that they came from (it kinda makes you sound like a fucking hypocrite).—Anonymous