I am sooo tired of people calling me at work and giving the world's worst excuses for not paying their utilities, and then trying to use their kids to make me feel bad. "I have five kids, I have seven kids, I have kids, kids, kids." If you have kids why aren't you being proactive about your utilities and making sure your kids are not sitting in the dark while you wear your Prada and drink at the bar every Friday? I know people like you. I know times are hard. I have kids too. But my utilities never get shut off, even if I don't have the money because I find a way. I work overtime, I get a second job, I sell things I don't need to make sure my kids are taken care of. So if you don't want to pay your bill and instead want to go to that awesome concert next weekend, don't call me and then try to make me out to be evil so you can have fun. The only evil person is the one blowing the utility money while your kids use candles to cook their Top Ramen.—Anonymous