Poor, poor P. Diddy! Believe it or don't, in an interview with Vanity Fair, Sean "Puffy" Combs, the recently acquitted rap impresario, is STILL carrying a torch for the bootylicious Jennifer "J. Lo" Lopez who kicked his ass to the curb this past Valentine's Day. According to Mr. Diddy, he is absolutely befuddled as to what went wrong (Hello? Speeding through Manhattan tossing guns out of windows isn't the quickest way to a girl's heart!), and claims he devoted his life to J. Lo. "Sometimes, when two people get together," Puffy reflected, "you feel a certain type of spark that's like, Yo!" But luckily for all involved, there's no hard feelings. "She'll always be someone I love," he said wistfully. "All she's gotta do is think--she doesn't even need to pick up a phone--and I'll be able to feel her. [Ewww!] And speaking of emasculated celebrities...

The New York Post reported today that John Wayne Bobbitt wants to sell the kitchen knife that whacked off his hoo-hoo for $3 million on E-bay. His lawyer, Jack Gordon, claims the surgically reconstructed porn star is going to court to ask for the return of the knife his ex-wife Lorena used to dismember his penis. After all, says Gordon, "It's a piece of American history." Waitasecond. Is he talking about the knife or the penis?

P. Diddy isn't the only one nursing a broken heart... Today, Portland Trail Blazer General Manager Bob Whitsett, ended his four-season affair with coach Mike Dunleavy. Though they had planned to stay together forever (or at least one more season) Dunleavy was unceremoniously dumped for, as some have stated, not "putting out." However, Dunleavy was quick to defend himself. "It was all our fault," he said. "I'm just not a quitter. I think we could have worked through this." Not wanting to look like the bad guy, Whitsitt pointed out, "I'm not blaming Mike for anything. Everything that goes on with this franchise is my responsibility." However, it's very apparent that Whitsitt is ready to start playing the field. "After I work through some of our difficult issues, I have to step up and start thinking about next season." At last report, Dunleavy was sitting in dirty pajamas on his couch, going through his third pint of Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby, and watching Meg Ryan in When a Man Loves a Woman.

This week Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was granted a stay of execution until June 11th--which will give David Woodard plenty of time to practice his trumpet! Woodard, a Los Angeles composer, will perform a trumpet aria in honor of McVeigh on his execution day. The 12-minute aria (called "Ave Atque Vale" or "Onward Valiant Soldier") is intended to "provide comfort" to the man who killed 168 people in the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building. "Because he is such an unusual person," Woodard said, "I feel he deserves some sort of tribute." Woodard then went on to expose himself as even a bigger freak by comparing McVeigh to Jesus Christ who "was 33 and universally despised at the time of his execution." And, if you had any further doubts regarding his freakishness, he claimed McVeigh has "a messianic quality" and is "an amazing, albeit misguided talent." Wow! We wonder what he thinks of Kenny G?

It was "Prisoner Appreciation Day" at the Multnomah County Detention Center, and to celebrate, prisoners were allowed to testify in court over treatment they had recently received. For example, Dennis Poe (a Portland cab driver) claims he was tied down to a restraining board in the Center's interrogation room, when Sgt. Jeffrey A. Ristvet entered. After requesting to see a supervisor, Poe says Ristvet leaned over, grabbed Poe's hair, and while pointing to the stripes on his uniform, said, "I'm in (expletive) charge." [We bet he said "fucking."] Poe then testified that Ristvet "takes his foot and sticks it right on my face, crunching my nose," and later "walked on my chest and groin area." While other deputies say Poe was drunk and disorderly, nearby inmates heard slapping sounds coming from inside the room. Ristvet told investigators he was simply "clapping" to get the inmate's attention. And who knows? Maybe when Ristvet was walking on top of Poe, that was simply an exotic example of Swedish massage! It's unfortunate, some prisoners don't appreciate anything.

Confusion and disappointment reverberated through the drug community today when the New York Times announced that President Bush had nominated John Walters to be the nation's drug czar, and not, as many had earlier believed, independent filmmaker John Waters. John Walters differs from John Waters in several regards: Walters is anti-treatment, anti-legalization, anti-medicinal marijuana, and a square. Waters is smart, anti-establishment, anti-Republican, and anti-square. Waters learned today of the error, and was reportedly distraught, retreating into the arms of his friend, Patty Hearst.

Trekkies report to the bridge! UPN announced today that Scott Bakula, of Quantum Leap fame, has joined the Federation and will be piloting the Enterprise in the new UPN Star Trek series, aptly titled Enterprise. Bakula will follow in the regulation half-boots of several affirmative action captains, including an African American male (Avery Brooks), a Caucasian female (Kate Mulgrew), and a Frenchman (Patrick Stewart). The news that the franchise had returned to the square-jawed, hunky white male formula met with resounding approval from the Trekkie community, who are more Will Crusher than Bill Shatner. Bakula will play Jonathan Archer, a "physical and intensely curious captain with a bold personality." There will also be other cast members on the show. But they are less important and will be in heavy make-up.

In the continuing nationwide conspiracy against Arizona (they're on to us!), the Arizona Republic reported that their brightest students are being unfairly looked over by the Ivy League. The prestigious East Coast schools accept only one out of eight Arizona applicants, and Arizonans are itching for a fight. They're tired of the Arizona jokes, and the negative stereotypes, and the way you snicker behind their backs. They may be liver-spotted, eczema-ridden and on the verge of sunstroke, but every one of them is a direct descendant of Wyatt Earp, and that should make up for any sort of intellectual deficit brought on by lack of school funding or brain damage caused by rattler venom. Some experts believe the state's poor standing can be traced back to brain swelling caused by the practice of leaving babies in hot white Cadillacs. Interestingly, many of these students do quite well applying at Dartmouth.