According to geriatric ex-Beatle Paul McCartney, all we need is love, and all we DON'T need is landmines. Apparently having a lot of time on his hands, McCartney and latest gal-pal Heather Mills launched a new campaign today that intends to rid the world of these pesky exploding terrors. As the aging mop-top puts it, "Landmines take or wreck three lives an hour, every hour, every day of every year. We have to come together now [note clever Beatles pun] to try to stop that." The new organization is called "Adopt-A-Minefield UK" which aims to raise charitable funds for landmine survivors and to clear out all those mines which are undoubtedly hidden just outside Buckingham Palace. The Mercury is pleased to join McCartney in his fight against these step-sensitive killers by adopting a minefield of our own, retrieving the landmines, and then re-planting them all around our office. Boy, our badminton games are gonna be exciting!

Last Saturday, 28-year-old Pearl Santos hopped aboard the Goliath roller coaster ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain, just outside of L.A. After being whipped around at 85 mph and experiencing a near-vertical drop of 255 feet, Santos suffered a major brain hemorrhage and was later pronounced dead. After the coroner's office blamed the ride for her death, Magic Mountain officials flipped their collective wigs, claiming the woman's aneurysm was a "pre-existing condition." "Any medical doctor will tell you that roller coasters do not cause aneurysms!" the official said, probably while pounding his fist on a desk. "With this condition she could have died anywhere. She just happened to walk on to a roller coaster." Apparently all that yelling worked, because the coroner's office then retracted their previous statement and promised to investigate further into the woman's untimely demise. And while they were at it, Magic Mountain were also quick to deny that any of their rides lead to neck injuries, long lines, or vomiting.

The Grand Floral Parade
: What's not to love, right? Though it is a gross example of corporate cheerleading masked under the guise of civic pride, it's still a great place to ingest mushrooms and play touch 'n tickle behind the main grandstand. However, the parade is still a good three days away, and there are certain Portland fat-asses who are already staking out their spots along the parade route! Now, we're sorry, but that's OBNOXIOUS! We hate your stupid lawn chairs chained up to every light pole, and we especially hate it when you tape out a 30-yard space for your bloated Abercrombie & Fitch kids, writing that "this spot belongs to the Davis Family!" You know what? That spot does NOT belong to "the Davis family!" Last time we checked, the Romano family payed just as much in taxes as the Davis family, and therefore has the right to watch the parade in that spot, and stand right in front of your spoiled fat children IF WE SO CHOOSE! And this goes double for those families who erect tents on the sidewalks on the slim chance they may be interviewed for Channel 8's annual "Look-at-the-crazy-people-who-camped-out-on-the-sidewalk-three-days-before-the-parade" feature. If these people really want to make the evening news, then perhaps they should try it the old-fashioned way; by loading their family in the Pinto and driving off a boat ramp into the Willamette. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Good news, everybody! Researchers have just discovered that damaged hearts can repair themselves. Until now the medical community assumed that once the heart was damaged, new muscle cells couldn't grow, and that the damage was irreversible. Not so! The researchers studied dozens of patients with damaged hearts, reportedly including Minnie Driver. Ms. Driver's heart was broken by toothy lothario Matt Damon after he allegedly dumped her on national TV. MRI's showed that Ms. Driver's heart began to repair itself almost immediately after she started dating Josh Brolin and Mr. Damon's film All The Pretty Horses bombed at the box office. Unfortunately, and for research purposes, Ms. Driver has since been euthanized; her heart was extracted and sliced up to be studied by first-year medical students. These findings are reported in today's New England Journal of Medicine.

Wish you didn't have to go to work wearing a hairnet and sandwich board? Read on. Disney employees who wear character costumes have just won the right to wear their own underpants. In the past, those employees were required to wear Disney-issued undergarments, specially designed to avoid panty-lines. The workers, who are represented by the Teamsters union, turned in their undies each night and picked up a supposedly clean pair the next day. However, several of the employees were reporting cases of lice and scabies "down there," leading many to believe that those jock straps were in fact not so Downy fresh. Makes you think twice about hugging Goofy, don't it?

Free the Reagan Papers!
According to The New York Times, the White House is delaying the release of thousands of pages of old presidential records that detail the confidential advice given to Ronald Reagan by his aides, some of whom are now bigwigs in the Bush administration. What do "The Powers That Be" have to hide? From what sources at our sister paper (the Pulitzer Prize-winning Capital Auto Trader) tell us, plenty! Folks counseling RR in the Reagan Papers who now serve in senior posts at the pleasure of the Bush White House include Colin Powell, Mitch Daniels, and Lawrence Lindsey. Also included in the papers is W's daddy, George Bush senior. All four reportedly advised Reagan to toss aside his all natural herbal anti-perspirant for Ban underarm deodorant, and called him a "pin head." Wonder what they said about El Salvador

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Oregon's own Tonya Harding is threatening to bare her surgically enhanced breasts in a Las Vegas ice-skating spectacular. Harding, who has not been rehearsing the routine at Clackamas Town Center, is "in talks" with folks in the "City of Sin" about appearing in an ice-titty show timed to coincide with the 2002 Winter Olympics. Harding is "very serious about her Las Vegas options, and considering them in a long-term scenario," one inside source told the paper. Her interest comes immediately after we reported that Celine "Nancy Kerrigan" Dion has committed to a three-year contract to sing at Caesar's Palace. You can run, Celine, but you can't hide.