- Bridgetown's schedule has been announced. It's almost hard to look at—so many good shows, it's going to be tough to choose which ones to let go... Also at the Bridgetown site, a hunk of the special featured shows are lining up, including podcast tapings with Jimmy Dore and Doug Benson, plus Andy Dick's one-man show "A Sober Hour with Andy Dick (We Hope)" , a collaborative effort including Kristen Schaal, improv groups, comedy contests and more.

- Single day passes for Thursday and Sunday are on sale for just $20 per day. Swoop them up.

- Bridgetown founder Andy Wood was a guest on Benson's latest episode of "Doug Loves Movies" podcast. Listen up.

- Ron Funches can tweet! One of Portland's best comics is writing some good shit in 140 characters or less. He's also working more and more in L.A. Ride Black Man, Ride!

- There's a pair of killer shows this weekend at the Brody Theater. The lineup is a get-to-know-you featuring local comics who'll be performing at Bridgetown. More on this towards the end of the week