Hari Kondabolu - List of People Who Will Die in the Revolution
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Don't believe the hype. Though recently penning a fine feature on his brother's rap group, Das Racist, comedian Hari Kondabolu is equally equated to Public Enemy. As a comedian Kondabolu is vicious, uncompromised and without taste for fools.

Kondabolu is back in Portland tonight at the Woods with Ron Funches. And my god, there's hardly another word we can say about these two. Great, unique and disparate talents, each on the rise. In a nice intimate room to boot.

And hell, with shortened days and no Blazer games to help drag us from our homes, any reason is a good one.

Speaking of the Blazers, I wouldn't mind hearing Hari's take on the NBA lockout. Or better yet, Occupy Wall St. Indeed, there couldn't be a better stand up to help us parse 99% of this bullshit.

TONIGHT: Hari Kondabolu & Ron Funches @ The Woods - 8pm, Doors at 7pm - $12