Comedian Aaron Ross' has been hosting a weekly talk show at Dantes'—in the alter ego of a smarmy talk show host named Ed Forman—for three and a half years, clocking in 300+ shows and at least as many interviews with local musicians, athletes, performers, and more. At the end of the month his Tuesday-night reign comes to an end—he's moving south for a new gig in Silverlake. Portland fans have a few more chances to catch the show, as Dante's is hosting four back-to-back nights of send-off celebration.

Dec. 27 — Portland Send Off Pt. 1
Guest: Tony Tapatio, PDX Air Guitar Champ
Musical Guest: Basketball Jones

Dec. 28 — Portland Send Off Pt. 2
Musical Guest: Vursatyl, Lifesavas

Dec. 29 — Portland Send Off Pt. 3
Musical Guest: Boy Eats Drum Machine

Dec. 30 — Portland Send Off Pt. 4

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