If you've ever been to Cort and Fatboy's midnight movies, you know how busy they can get. There's a long line to get in and a long line to buy beer, but I think I've cracked the code to this prob. Tonight they're showing The Breakfast Club—doors open at 10 pm—but if you go to the comedy show at the Bagdad right before, you won't have to wait outside in the drippy dark cold. The ubiquitous and ever-funny Ian Karmel is headlining which makes for some guaranteed laughs. Christian Ricketts is a wild and funny guy. I'm not too familiar with the rest of the lineup, but you really can't go wrong with Mr. Whimsical British Candy Man Karmel. Plus, it's only five bucks. There are many wins to be had with this plan.

Comedy Night at the Bagdad, 3702 SE Hawthorne, 8 pm, $5
w/Ian Karmel, Christian Ricketts, Scoot Herring, Aaron Hays, Jordan Casner, and Tristan Spillman