Hey Portland! Eli Braden is in town for one night only (Friday, May 18), and you should try to go see him.

Braden hilariously blows up the Twitters every day @EliBraden, and his music-based comedy is actually funny. I don't say that lightly. I find most music-based comedy not funny and annoying because it's, well, not funny and annoying. (Yes, there are exceptions, so if you love music-based comedy, then just roll with it and assume all the ones you love are the exceptions I'm talking about.) When they're done well, comedy songs can be damn funny. Eli Braden is damn funny. And maybe a little annoying, but he makes it work for him.

Check out a few of his songs. For my fellow New Seasons shoppers, there's "White People Problems," or for my fellow rednecks in hipster disguise, there's "I Eat what I Fuck." If you follow him on Twitter (and if you don't, go do it now), then you know he's got some of the best Chris Brown/Kardashian/Kanye retorts out there. So maybe you should check out "I Wanna Be a Kardashian."

He'll be performing at Action/Adventure Theater, 1050 SE Clinton, at 9 pm with Bryan Cook and Dan Duarte. And they're pretty damn funny too. So do something you won't regret in the morning, and get your tickets now.