I caught the early show last night at Curious Comedy, for the second night of All Jane No Dick. We've already established that this festival is incredible. Stacey Hallal has curated a great lineup of local and national talent that you will rarely get the chance to see in the same place at the same time.

All of the standups were solid. Local Bri Pruett continues to get better and funnier every time she performs, and she just fills the room with her great energy. It was nice to see host Virginia Jones back for a visit from her new home in LA, and Monique Madrid and headliner Bonnie McFarlane had really solid sets. Improv troupe Wild Horses was a little hard to hear (soft lady voices, don't you know), but they were funny and it was refreshing to see an improv set that wasn't dominated by guys, where all of the women worked together, built real characters and relationships onstage and cracked each other up.

But the night's stand-out was Maggie Maye. The woman is hilarious, and we'll be seeing a lot more of her in years to come. She's performing again at the 7:30 Sunday show, along with many other funny ladies. Go check them out.