I listened to Kurt talk about this for over an hour on a podcast today. He apologized for the way he phrased his comments but I have to say I agree with his actual message which he admits he did a huge disservice to in the way he tweeted. That message is that it isn't appropriate for someone to be blackballed from their career because of one person making an anonymous accusation. The guy who was blackballed was told nothing specific about the accusation, how is he supposed to defend himself if he didn't do anything when all that the UCB is willing to say to him is 1 or more woman accused you of rape. If he did it he should be in jail, if this is some vindictive spurned lover she shouldn't be able to ruin his life without any recourse for him.
Econoline you sound like you're using rationality and therefore should be blackballed yourself! Good day sir! I said good day!
The guy is a dick. He deserves nothing. His apologies are garbage. At his core, he is frightened but unrepentantly shitty.

Megan! I took a bad stab at satire on twitter and got blocked. Sorry about that, it's hot and I'm drunk and not very funny.
@spaceman it is kind of weird to me that partly because his comments seem to have been taken out of context and partly because he is famous people almost seem more pitchforky at Kurt who has never been accused of any impropriety with a woman than they would be at an actual rapist. One thing is for sure anyone who doesn't get why a single anonymous accusation should not be allowed to ruin someone's life has never been falsely accused of something.
I read all of Metzger's archived posts to make sure nothing was taken out of context. And while his actual point was there ("let's not immediately burn someone at the stake 'til more substantial info are established"), it's buried in giants piles of self-indulgent anger bullshit and language easily interpreted as anti-woman/anti-victim.

Glaser, as the accused, is entitled to learn more about the accusations. Metzger can just fuck off - or at least learn how to better communicate his thinking to a large audience. I mean, he's a writer, right? Shouldn't he be better at that?

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