Trump's cabinet picks are feeling increasingly like the administration of Upside-Down (OR Community's darkest timeline OR Biff Tannen's alternate reality 2015, take your horrible pick) with near daily opposite-world announcements of your worst nightmare picks for all the top government jobs. There's an oil-drilling proponent on tap to head the interior, a Goldman Sachs exec to lead the Treasury, and a minimum wage critic up for Labor Secretary. Sad! (Really, it's so sad.)

Saturday Night Live takes a hit at the President-elect's propensity for filling cabinet posts with picks meant to "undermine the very agencies they head" in this week's cold open. Here Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway introduces Trump's pick for head of the DEA, Walter White, a high school science teacher from Albuquerque who was discovered by Steve Bannon "under the comments section at Breitbart."