On June 12, 2018, President Donald J. Trump was scheduled to hold a history-making nuclear arms summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. With this meeting, Trump would finally prove himself worthy of the title of president, having succeeded where so many other American leaders have failed. Unfortunately for him (and the rest of the world), he fucked it up.

However, rather than toss this fuck-up into the overflowing bin of fuck-ups Trump has fucked up since taking office, the Franklin Mint is proud to offer this exclusive “Trump Fucks Up, Blows North Korea Summit” commemorative coin for the low, low price of $4.95 (previously $14.95 [previously $24.95]).

This gold-embossed, history-making coin features the jowly profiles of President Trump and “Supreme Leader” (the White House’s words, not ours) Kim Jong-Un, and will be a welcome addition to your mantel, workplace, or “Famous Presidential Fuck-Ups” scrapbook. It will also be a constant, hilarious reminder of how the White House commissioned a commemorative coin for an event that was destined to fail, because... c’mon! HE’S A FUCK-UP!

So don’t buy just one! Buy as many as you possibly can, because they make great gifts for Trump-supporting relatives to remind them of their terrible, idiotic choice to elect such a monumental fuck-up to the highest office in the land.

So Get Your Commemorative “Trump Fucks Up, Blows North Korea Summit” Coin Today!

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And many, MANY more! In fact, expect new commemorative memorabilia to be issued on a daily hourly basis.