New favorite column. Keep it up.


Glad to see you back on a semi-annual basis, Francine!


Am I the only person on earth who knows the definition of "condo?" There are literally no condos going up, at all, anywhere, in Portland.


As a rare born and raised in Portland 53-year-old white guy I only take issue with two of your points. I've seen the creative defensive items that the antifa have created, and they have definitely been in some of our locally owned hardware stores. But I agree that there was no cement in any of those shakes. And the other one is that YES Oregonians should be able to pump their own gas and are already doing so now in the remote rural areas of Oregon. It is something I have grumbled about for decades. Also, motorcyclists are already allowed, though not legal, to put gas into their bikes. I used to ride back in the 1990s and there was no way I was going to let somebody else put gas into my motorcycle.
But out of the whole list, these are my only quibbles. I especially like your point about the antifa and even more importantly your point regarding two alternative newspapers. Through personal experience I have found that outside of Neil Jaquiss, the WW lacks any kind of journalistic ethics that has literally hurt my family. My observation over the years is that the Mercury is honest and completely willing to admit when they have screwed up, which is actually quite rare.


You'll notice she DIDN'T say we were wrong about the Oregon Republican thing.

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