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C-Bar has delicious GF fried chicken. You can tone down your assault on fried chicken, pal.


When I saw "Karen" on the list I had hoped you would say you'd like the normie meme "Karen" to never come back but instead you perpetuated, bringing it into 2020. Lame.


LADIES!!! We've been over this, but you didn't listen to your betters! YOU AND YOUR ILK HAVE BROUGHT AMERICA LOW!!! Sit down and shut up, ladies. Your concerns are meaningless to the rest of us. Stripping is cool, but everything else that ladies do is ignorant and ill-informed. Ladies should not impose upon us because ladies don't have a right to do that. WE are meant to impose upon ladies, not the other way 'round. It's God's plan for ladies that they stay quiet, never talk back, and accept whatever treatment is dished out to them. No miscommunication here. Stay in your lane, ladies. You're hurting the Rose City.


Good job spreading the hate, mr. editor in chief. I am not a republican, yet take major offense at your comments prefacing the article. United we stand, divided we fall, and ignorant comments like that just keep us divided. Fucking pathetic.


Oh, for sure, @4...where's the decorum? The courtesy? The ability to ignore the fact that one party aligns itself with white nationalists, oligarchs, and foreign dictators and is wholly focused on removing the few rights women and people of color have prised from their cold, unfortunately-not-dead, white, male hands?

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